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Creative Site Assessment provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the development potential of industrial sites. Our tool allows you to rate sites based on utilities, transportation, and site characteristics. The result is a one-page report with a site score and a summary of the program. Creative Site Assessment is a great first step to identify your best opportunities for development.

How does it work?

Answer approximately 30 questions about utilities, transportation, and site characteristics. Answers are scored using a weighted evaluation system we developed for assessing sites and site selection analysis for corporate clients. After answering the questions, the tool scores your site and produces a one-page report.

What is your scoring system?

The formula is as closely guarded as my grandma’s biscuit recipe.

What does a score mean?

The higher the score, the greater the development potential. Sites receive an overall score and scores for utilities, transportation, and site characteristics to see where improvements can be made. Scores can be measured against other sites in your community to find your priority site for development.

Is this a detailed assessment?

Creative Site Assessment is the first step to determine whether a site warrants further review and investment. We can provide a more detailed assessment using GIS, site selector analysis, due diligence, and site planning.

Why should I use it?

The assessment shows investors, stakeholders, elected officials, property owners, and others your best opportunities for development. It also guides policy decisions for investment. Don’t waste resources on a site someone thinks is good – independently assess it to see if it really is good.

What information will I need?

You will answer questions about infrastructure capacity and service, transportation access, and site characteristics such as flood plain, zoning, and due diligence. You can start an assessment, save it, and return if you need to do some research.

What is the deliverable?

A one page report containing the site score, category scores, site image and description you upload, and a summary of the program. Click here for a sample report.

What qualifies Creative EDC to assess sites?

Over our careers, we have certified over 5,000 acres, assessed thousands of acres for corporate clients in site selection, and assessed a few thousand more acres for EDO clients. Check out Creative EDC credentials on our website at  creativeedc.com.

Why did Creative EDC create this tool?

We wanted to find a creative, low cost, simple way to help economic developers with their product development challenges. Our tool is a good first step in analyzing a community’s industrial site opportunities.

How much does it cost?

  • One-time site assessment is $199.
  • Annual subscription for an unlimited number of sites in one county is $999.
  • Regions and organizations serving more than one county can contact us for pricing.

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